David Morris is a country artist, singer-songwriter and rapper from Charleston, West Virginia. His sound mixes trap style beats with slide guitars, banjos with catchy hooks, and lyrical mastery with relatable lyrics. David's music has the power to connect with fans from all walks of life and push the country music genre forward. His growth on all platforms has skyrocketed since the release of his 2020 debut album, "Red, White, & American Blues,” which features several standout single such as the feel good anthem “Smalltown Queen”, the supportive “Who Hurt You” and the anthemic “Does He Know About Us”. David has landed himself just shy of 25 million collective streams on Spotify, and 15 million on Apple Music alone. David has received praise from several critics, and Elevator Music even cited that he very well may be "The future of country music." David's success however, is matched with a humble outlook. He says, “The greatest honor as an artist is seeing your music resonate with people. Hearing that a song can comfort someone, or inspire someone is the real reward”. If you are looking for an artist that writes raw and honest lyrics, but also produces tracks that you can drive down a backroad blasting through your subwoofers, look no further.